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Aaron Walker (2007 - 2013)

Currently plays professionally with FC Cincinnati (USL Pro)

Vestri - Knattspyrnudeild - Played 1st Division Pro in Iceland

Received Scholarship to Oglethorpe University

NCAA Division III All - American

Captain, Mid - City Red Lions College Showcase Team

Captain, Mid - City Black Lions England Team

Captain, Mid - City Elite Lions England Team

Captain, Mid - City Elite Lions England Team

“Mickey created boundless opportunities for me when nobody else would and I can proudly say that he still is always trying to improve my current situation. He took me overseas on trips to Spain and England to get a taste of European football / futbol and it truly shaped and changed me into the individual I am today. I was able to not only play against teams in Europe but also get scouted for many teams overseas as well. He has stuck his neck out for me and many others when nobody would to help us out. Even as recently, he was calling me about potential trials that he had heard about and was trying to link me up with to be able to move on to the professional career that I am adamantly pursuing.


This is a short example that should give you an idea of the kind of person Mickey McNeill is…


He manages this team / club alone in regards of coaching, tournaments, player fees, player passes etc. He works his fingers to the bone and by himself has been able to create and maintain a high caliber club team that is ranked nationally. Recently, Mickey was preparing at home, the night before his current Mid-City Lions squad was set to embark out of state for a tournament. Mickey was sizing up last minute details, traveling arrangements, as well as a host of other details, when he began feeling ill.  He tried to keep working into the late hours of the night, despite feeling incredibly bad.  Mickey settled in his living room to rest for a bit before continuing and woke up a few hours later, profusely sweating and in pretty bad condition.  His girlfriend rushed him to the hospital and it was revealed that his blood pressure was in a dangerously high zone and that he could have at any time had something much worse happen.  


He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and a severe case of Strep Throat and he was in and no condition to continue working nor coaching for that matter.  Most people would have told their team that they were sorry but there was no way that he could take them to the tournament in the condition that he was in. Mickey, however, is not most people.  He checked himself out of the hospital, continued to work, and mustered up the courage and strength to take his team to the tournament the next day, regardless of his sickened state.


Again, this displays what kind of role model he truly is, pushing himself to meet his commitments and setting an example for all of his players to live up to.  He had an obligation, and despite having more that enough of a reason to not follow through, he did what he believed was the right thing. This is just a glimpse at why players play for Mickey, because he wants the best for them and pushes them to excel beyond their comfort zone and what they imagined they could ever accomplish.”


Aaron Walker

Oglethorpe University

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