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Mid - City Lions National Team

The Mid - City Lions National team is the flagship team of the club.  Comprised of top players from around the country; the MCL National Team plays in the top showcases and have amassed some strong results for the club, which has catapulted them into the spotlight.
From CASL to the Baltimore Bays College Showcase, from the NYC Cup to the San Diego Surf College Cup, from the Gothia Cup to the Dubai Supercup - this is just a small sampling of the travels and successes that this team has had over the years.  The MCL National team has developed a reputation for excellence that has caught the attention of a myriad of college coaches and professional scouts.  
The team has produced a record number of players that have gone on to play college soccer in the NCAA Divsions I, II, & III.  Several of these players have also gone on to play at the professional ranks as well.  The Nationals have been the key to the club's continued success.
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