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Mid - City Lions Global Team

We are Global.


Our goal has always been for our players to see the bigger picture, to not only play on a domestic level, but to receive opportunities on the world stage.  This is truly what 'The Beautiful Game' is about for our club.  The training and level of play has taken us around the world; the Mid - City Lions FC has left a global print for excellence both on and off the field.  


This is the pinnacle team in the club, the best of the best.  The MCL Global Team has sparked the professional careers of several of our players and given them hope of a life in football.  The opportunity to play for this team goes to the best players inside of the club first regardless of age group, but the club also gives this select opportunity to a preferred few that do not play for the club as well.  True Ambassadorship.  True love for the game.


The MCL Global Team has become the worldwide ambassadors for the club and has had guest players join its ranks from all over the world.  


One Sport.  One Vision.  One Purpose.  One Love.  

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