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Getting recruited and procuring a college scholarship has evolved into a full time job.  Too many student - athletes and their parents are unaware of the intricacies of the college recruiting process, let alone where to start. Even those players and parents who are knowledgable, often do not have the time, with everything that they have going on in their daily lives, to commit to such an all encompassing task.


Welcome to the Mid - City Lions Futbol Club. We team with the student - athlete and their parents, getting to know the player and the family, and working with them in a team effort to help them to find the best fit for their player on a collegiate and professional level.  We specialize in Football (Soccer) and we know the system and what it takes to get recruited by a college or pro team, whatever the level. We combine this knowledge with specialized programs, specifically geared towards exposure to coaches and competition at the highest level.


We spend an extensive amount of time on every aspect of the player; from scholastic achievement, to performance on the field; from athletic prowess, to psychological and intellectual stamina; there is nothing that we leave to chance and in the highly competitive collegiate athletic market, we cannot afford to be mediocre.


We have to be more than just an advocate for the player, we have to be their mentor, coach, trainer, and teammate, if they truly want to reach for their dream and play at the next level.

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