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From their inaugural year in 2006, The Mid - City Lions have developed strong alliances with several of the world’s top professional clubs and with the most prestigious showcases in the U.S., which has enabled the club to offer a unique experience to the players that are selected yo play.  All of this has been constructed to benefit the most important element of the game, the players.


The club focuses on their development both on and off the field.  There are no political games and we do not allow private agendas with regards to club operations or playing time on the field.  We do not operate a “pay to play.” system.  Mid - City Lions players take care of all club fees, but this in no way guarantees playing time on the field.  The club motto is “Earn your spot", epitomized by our talented, dedicated players that have joined because they want the right environment, coaching, and support to play at a high level.  

The club's players train year round and we see the bigger picture and realizes that playing at the collegiate and professional levels, is more than just training twice a week, or “did my team win the league ?”, or “are we State Cup Champions ?”

There is much more to it than that and we give our players the chance to find out.

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