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Mickey McNeill

Executive Director

Head Coach, Mid - City Lions National Team

NSCAA National License

With over thirty years experience coaching at the domestic and International levels, Mickey McNeill brings a vast amount of experience to the game.  Mickey specializes in the application of technical & tactical knowledge to achieve maximum performance results, combined with his comprehensive knowledge and use of sports & behavorial psychology, and his vast experience in corporate America and academia; all of which lends itself to a very unique and effective coaching style. 


Mickey has taken teams to the USYSA Regional Semifinals, State Cup Championships, and won countless league and tournament accolades.  Something that sets him and his club teams apart from others, is that he has coached against some of the best professional academy teams in the world, including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal, just to name a few.  His approach to the game is that it is a reflection of life and that every player should strive to tell their story and this is something that he promotes with every player that crosses his path.  Mickey's passion for the game, ability to push player's past their comfort zones, and for taking risks both on and off the field, has led the club and its players to some incredible achievements. 

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