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Mid - City Lions Regional Team

The Mid  -City Lions Regional team is the building block of the club.  Just like the MCL National team, this team is comprised of some of the best young talent from around the country. The Regional team travels to the same top showcases as the MCL National team.   This team has top talent that ranges in age from U15 - U17, following the club methodology that top young talent needs to be playing in the highest possible age group to challenge thei abilities and hone them for a future as top players.  
The Regional team is the definitive proving ground for the MCL National team.  Top players from the team are graduated up to the MCL Nationals, where they receive the added benefit of having a college coach, increased exposure, recruitment, and training opportunities.  Players do not automatically move to the flagship team; performance on the Regional team is critical and therefore, makes this team the foundation for a future within the club.  
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