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Marco Patrie (2010 - 2013)

Christiania Sports Club/CSC - Played Professionally in Denmark

Received Scholarship to Case Western Reserve University

Mid - City Red Lions College Showcase Team

Mid - City Red Lions College Showcase Team

2010 Mid - City Elite China Lions

"Mickey McNeill was the first person in my life to first recognize my potential and then guide me in the methods towards achieving it.


I can honestly say that I owe him the majority of my inspiration to pursue my passion. At 17 years old, McNeill offered me captainship of his team and a new opportunity to play my own way onto a college squad. By his reputation alone, we gained access to top tier university showcases.


Coach McNeill’s knowledge of the game stretches far beyond technical exercises: his ability to motivate his team is nothing short of inspiring. He knows how to address different types of players with varying levels of confidence; and for that reason in combination with the opportunities he accesses he is able to pull the best out of his squads.


Thank you."


Macro Patrie

Case Western University

Christiania Sports Club/CSC

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